Get the Walker Trolley for $359, from now through Christmas! Foam filled trolleys now available with early December ship date!

The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart

The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart

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The Walker Trolley Cape 1.5 continues on the success of the original Cape model, harkening back to a more classic style of golf push cart with ample use of modern technology.  The upgraded Cape 1.5 features:

  • A new buckle system designed to accommodate a larger variety of bags

  • A new logo button made of rubber that will protect the leather on your handle against scuffs and scrapes

  • A drainage feature in the lower storage accessory to keep water out on rainy days

The Cape 1.5 continues to utilize premium materials: waxed canvas, leather and anodized aluminum that creates a trolley built to last.  If you are a golfing purist that believes in walking the fairways as the earliest golfers did for centuries, then the Walker Trolley is the push cart for you.

***Note: Trolleys with foam filled tires will begin shipping in early December***


Orders generally ship in 24-48 hours, M-F.

We charge a $35 flat rate for shipping in the Continental US. We do offer shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Europe (Including the UK and Ireland) and Australia (rates calculated at checkout).  Customer is responsible for any additional International taxes or fees.


Weight: 19lbs

Folded: 33''(h) x 19"(w at base, 12" at top) x 24" (d at base, 5" at top) 

Unfolded: 39" height of handle (ideally suited for golfers 5'5" and taller - shorter golfers may struggle with the height of the handle)

Tires: Air filled rubber

Storage Accessory: Standard waxed canvas comes with the trolley (Option to upgrade to additional designs as a separate purchase)

Brake: Footbrake on the lower left wheel




1 year manufacturer's warranty on manufacturer's defects.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
The Hickory Hacker
Very Satisfied Hickory Golfer

I'm a hickory golfer who plays with antique clubs and dresses in period attire but still wants the modern convenience of a push cart. Well, if you've done any research into modern push carts, it's very hard to find one that isn't made of plastic and doesn't look like a futuristic moon rover. Right away, the Cape 1.5 won me over with its classic looks, but now that I've used it for several rounds at my hilly home course on Long Island, I can also say its functional is top-notch - I wish I'd bought one years ago when they first came out.

I'm 6'1" so I was concerned that the fixed handle height might be too low for me but it's perfect. I can comfortably rest my arms on the handle as I push it and it moves effortlessly. It also feels very solid and stable without being too heavy to move in and out of my van. Some people have complained that it's difficult to steer, but I've found that it's so stable when under load that you can easily lean weight on either side of the handle to steer without any trouble. The umbrella holder also looks to be high quality though I haven't had a need to use it yet. I've also found that it fits my Steurer and Jacoby pencil bag perfectly so my antique hickory clubs are looking mighty sharp on my Walker, if I do say so myself. I think it's safe to say that I'll be using my Walker for a looooong time. Do yourself a favor and pick one up - you won't regret it!

Greg Hatten

The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart

Casey James
Love it!

Beautiful craftsmanship. Simple and easy to use. Really enjoy it!

Ease of handling

I love my Walker Trolley. The major downside that I have is that it will NOT go straight. If I am standing at 12 o'clock, push my trolley w/o any manipulation, it will go towards 8:30-9:00....always severely to the right. This has been going on ever since I purchased this Trolley. I have tried to fix this by removing the tires and re-attaching them but nothing helps. I tried to call Walker Trolley, left them a message as to my problem and NO response. Really a downer for a really good product.

Jason Lynch
Perfect trolley

Very happy w my trolley. 100% happy with it. Break down and set up could not be easier.

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