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The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart
The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart

The Walker Trolley 'Cape' 1.5 Golf Push Cart

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The Walker Trolley Cape 1.5 continues on the success of the original Cape model, harkening back to a more classic style of golf push cart with ample use of modern technology.  The upgraded Cape 1.5 features:

  • A new buckle system designed to accommodate a larger variety of bags

  • A new logo button made of rubber that will protect the leather on your handle against scuffs and scrapes

  • A drainage feature in the lower storage accessory to keep water out on rainy days

The Cape 1.5 continues to utilize premium materials: waxed canvas, leather and anodized aluminum that creates a trolley built to last.  If you are a golfing purist that believes in walking the fairways as the earliest golfers did for centuries, then the Walker Trolley is the push cart for you.


Orders generally ship in 24-48 hours, M-F.

We charge a $35 flat rate for shipping in the Continental US. We do offer shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Europe (Including the UK and Ireland) and Australia (rates calculated at checkout).  Customer is responsible for any additional International taxes or fees.


Weight: 19lbs

Folded: 33''(h) x 19"(w at base, 12" at top) x 24" (d at base, 5" at top) 

Unfolded: 39" height of handle (ideally suited for golfers 5'5" and taller - shorter golfers may struggle with the height of the handle)

Tires: Air filled rubber

Storage Accessory: Standard waxed canvas comes with the trolley (Option to upgrade to additional designs as a separate purchase)

Brake: Footbrake on the lower left wheel




1 year manufacturer's warranty on manufacturer's defects.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Brake issue fixed

Thanks for the tip with the breaking system. A little tightening of the screws and we're in business.
I appreciate that Walker trolley got back to me about my concerns as quick as they did. Very professional.
Thanks again, it's an eye catcher for sure!

Adam Hubbeard
Good looking push cart

I've been using the push cart now for about three weeks. It's design is very nice and the looks definitely turn heads! The breakdown handle and ease of folding is great. A couple of comments about improvement for future models; The foot brake is a little sticky. It doesn't always disengage when lifting the pedal. The best trick I've learnt to remedy this is to pull the cart backwards at the same time as disengaging the brake. One other thing that was disappointing is that the paint on the plate that holds the bag on the cart has already started to chip. The paint isn't wearing off, it's actually chipping off in flakes. Right where the bottom of my bag sits, I now have exposed metal. I'm assuming that it's only a matter of time before this starts to rust. May be worth looking into the cleaning process of the metal surface to make sure that the paint sticks properly. I've had some experience with this type of issue in my profession and more oft than not, that's the cause.
Anyways, these are my thoughts/review and I hope it helps you with your future models.

Thank you so much for your order and feedback! If the foot brake is a little sticky, it is because the screws holding it together need a little tightening. There are four on the outside and one on the inside. Give them a little tightening and should fix the issue. As for the plate, it is aluminum, so it will not rust, but we will happily send you a new one ASAP.

Frederik Topsøe
Excellent trolley

Just an excellent trolley. Stylish and with a true roll.

John Kinch
Walker Trolley

Shipped right away.
Packaging was incredible.
Assembly was simply simple.
Rugged, well balanced cart.
Good looking as expected.
Very nice.

Jordan Thachuk
Enjoy the walk!

Incredible trolley! Beyond comfortable to use and I’ve never received so many compliments!

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