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The all new Walker Trolley Umbrella Holder has been custom designed for use with the Walker Trolley Cape and Cape 1.5.  Features include:

  • Adjustable tilt angle both forwards and backwards
  • Removable spacers to increase or decrease the height of the umbrella canopy
  • Ability to accommodate umbrellas of all sizes
  • Strong design to hold umbrellas in windy conditions
  • Matching color ways with the Cape and Cape 1.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jacob Perry
Too much plastic

Too much plastic. The screws are hard to tighten. Metal in to plastic is never a good thing. The knobs shred my fingers. I had to tighten the knobs every hole, because the holder wouldn't stay in place. And, the umbrella was even a little loose. I might try a couple difft umbellas, starting with ones with thicker handles.
Still, kind of glad I have it considering I need it here in Florida with all the sun and rain

John Stepowoy
It’s beautiful.

I haven’t used it yet bc it’s snowing, but I assembled it anyway and I’m staring at it dreaming of April. Sometimes you want to buy a cheap push cart for $150 so you have one, and sometimes you spent like $400 on the dopest push cart possible bc it’s friggin sweet and there’s nothing more dignified than walking 18 holes like the godfathers of golf intended.

Froilan Francisco
Does not hold the umbrella securely

I paid full amount at its highest price and took 4months to receive the item, very responsive on replying shipping status though. Unfortunately, the c-clip is very weak and does not stay in place. The thumb screw pushed through the base pad and damaged the umbrella handle. Not able to use at all.

Thank you for your feedback and we have sent you a new umbrella holder. Very sorry for the issue you experienced and hope this helps fix the issue.

Miguel Nelson
desert island review

unfortunately the umbrella holder is not stable nor tall enough for our 68inch umbrellas. we need a sleeve insert to allow us to raise the height by another 4-6 inches so that taller 6ft plus players can roll cart with out umbrella tips in their eyes...

Blake V
Umbrella Clamp Screw Pushed Through

The clamp inside the tube used to secure the umbrella in place pushed through the bracket. Now the screw just pushes into the umbrella handle, leaving it badly marked. Could not be more displeased.

Hi Blake, so sorry about this. We have sent a new umbrella holder for you, which should fix the issue.

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