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Umbrella Holder

Umbrella Holder

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The all new Walker Trolley Umbrella Holder has been custom designed for use with the Walker Trolley Cape and Cape 1.5.  Features include:

  • Adjustable tilt angle both forwards and backwards
  • Removable spacers to increase or decrease the height of the umbrella canopy
  • Ability to accommodate umbrellas of all sizes
  • Strong design to hold umbrellas in windy conditions
  • Matching color ways with the Cape and Cape 1.5

Customer Reviews

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Bart Dickens
but I haven't used it yet

Looks well made so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt with the 5 stars. It hasn't rained yet, so that is nice.

James Stewart
Umbrella holder

Once again Walker comes through. Holder attached to my trolley with no hang-up. And of course the rains stopped as soon as it arrived. But summer is on the way and I'll need the shade. So,thanks for the quality product.




Not sure about this yet.

Pretty good umbrella holder

Had the fortune of taking this guy out on a slightly breezy day, but needed it more for shade than anything else. At 6'0" I'm probably pretty close to the max height for the umbrella I have, which seems average. The attachment to the cart could maybe use some refining as the amount of play between the leather, foam, and plastic, has the umbrella swaying about 20 degrees either side of upright. I'm a little concerned about the plastic teeth that set the tilt angle, if those were made into a metal variant I'd have more confidence. All in all, pretty good, though still some room for refinement in fitment.

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